Acucote Joins FLAG as Vendor Partner

FLAG (Flexo Label Advantage Group LLC) has announced that effective today they have signed a Vendor Partnership with pressure-sensitive manufacturer Acucote, Inc., headquartered in Graham, North Carolina.

Independent converters who belong to FLAG will now benefit from Acucote’s wide variety of custom capabilities which feature a diverse selection of adhesives, facestocks and silicone release systems and are complemented by a broad portfolio of stocked inventory products.

According to John McKay, FLAG President and Founder, “We are proud to welcome Acucote to our group of World Class Vendor Partners. We believe that their custom capabilities, backed by a streamlined application development process, will help our Members to grow their business in value add segments. Bringing on Acucote is an example of how FLAG strives to deliver savings in nearly every area of a label shop.”

Gene Lauffer, Chief Operating Officer, Acucote adds, “Over the years, many of our customers have asked us to join FLAG.  We’re thrilled to now be a Vendor Partner, and look forward to introducing our unique services and broad portfolio to all of FLAG’s converter Members and demonstrating how we can help them achieve solutions to the most difficult labeling challenges.”

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Acucote Further Expands Pressure-Sensitive Digital Portfolio

Twenty-one new products added to robust portfolio

Acucote has once again expanded its portfolio of pressure-sensitive media for inkjet (UV, dye and pigment), laser/toner and HP print technologies.

A highlight of the digital portfolio is the range of durable labelstocks including Kimdura Ultra film (for pigment printing) and Kimdura DualTech film (for pigment and laser/toner compatible printing). Both of these products are BS5609 Section 2 certified. To obtain BS5609 certification, labels need to withstand a three-month salt water submersion test in the English Channel. BS5609-certified labels are proven to meet the most stringent tests for durability in the industry.

The digital portfolio also features six new additions to Acucote’s Waterjet line of dye and pigment compatible stocks including 2 mil Gloss Clear Polyester and 4 mil Metallized Polyester/Polypropylene films. New to Acucote’s line are the 12pt Gloss and Matte Boardstock options for both dye and pigment printing. The portfolio expansion also includes Endura Inkjet Durable Papers for pigment, dye and laser/toner print technologies.

The laser and toner compatible portion of the digital portfolio has been expanded with 13 new products: seven new film combinations featuring 2 mil Clear, 2 mil Metallized and 2.6 mil Gloss White Toner Polypropylenes, 3.2 mil Clear Laser Vinyl and 3.5 mil White Laser Vinyl. There are also six new paper combinations utilizing 60# Laser Semi Gloss, 57# Laser High Gloss and Bright Silver Laser Foil.

According to Melissa Harton, product manager, digital media, “Specifications for labelstocks are increasingly becoming more stringent in terms of temperature range, environmental resistance, stronger adhesives and better printability. Over the past years, we’ve seen a gradual shift from strictly laser to pigment-based print systems for outdoor and drum labeling. We’re pleased to expand our portfolio to meet the needs of the fast-growing durables sector as well as support the variety of print methods constantly growing in today’s marketplace.”

Harton continues, “While our digital portfolio of stocked products, certified by leading OEMs, has continued to evolve, what truly differentiates Acucote is our renowned Application Development Team. This team specializes in custom orders – matching up the best facestock, adhesive and liner for the specific print technology and creating innovative and effective solutions to serve our customers’ most demanding digital requirements. And best of all, they will recommend solutions in days, not weeks.”

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Acucote Introduces Secure Closure Labels for Food Service Providers

Tamper-proof seals generate consumer confidence in take-out and delivery

Acucote has expanded its portfolio of tamper-evident and dry release products to support the heightened security requirements of food service.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, takeout and the use of food delivery services have increased dramatically. Consumers are now demanding secure closure labels on delivered food containers and packaging. Brands are stepping up to the task by introducing closure labels to indicate that the package was not tampered with after leaving the restaurant or store. Acucote offers a full portfolio of tamper-evident labels and dry release products which provide excellent security solutions for food service providers. Tamper-evident products include frangible papers which tear easily when removed, and film facestocks. These solutions easily serve as closures for bags, cartons and trays and provide evidence of tampering.

Acucote’s Dry Release technologies also serve as food closures, and can provide additional proof-of- tampering. For food closures, Acucote suggests Diamond-Cote® Single Ply products for single-side messaging, and Diamond-Cote® EZ products for two-sided messaging. The newest solution from Acucote is a security feature paired with Diamond-Cote® EZ. Acucote can now provide a customized printed message or logo between the leave behind ply and the pressure-sensitive adhesive that bonds the label to the package. The result is a unique opportunity to convey additional brand identity or a security message on the leave behind film which remains on the food packaging once the closure is removed.

According to Earl Curran, VP Business Development “These turbulent times require rapid development of new solutions for food security and tamper-evidence. We are very pleased to offer our new Diamond-Cote EZ printing capability for added messaging as well as a full portfolio of tamper-evident products to assist US converters in meeting the new requirements in their food service to customers.”

In addition to food security, dry release technology can be utilized to increase loyalty and lock in future business. Dry release coupons can feature incentives for future purchases by displaying a discount or promotional message on the facestock peeled away from the container.

For information on Acucote’s dry release portfolio visit, and for tamper-evident solutions visit

Acucote Introduces “Acucote Insights” Educational Series

Inaugural issue features sustainability

Acucote has introduced “Acucote Insights” – a series of educational brochures designed to help converters navigate complex purchasing decisions. The first issue has just been released and is focused on sustainability.

“Acucote Insights” is the result of the many questions and issues posed by North American converters to Acucote’s Application Development Team. The Application Development Team regularly provides Acucote customers with general guidance on common sustainability terms and product options in order to assist them in taking the next step to solve inquiries from their brand owner customers.

According to Melissa Harton, Marketing Manager, “In addition to making product recommendations and sourcing new materials, our Application Development Team fields questions about sustainable terms and practices day after day. We’re very pleased to be able to package them in an easy-to-read format and to help converters become more ‘sustainably savvy.’”

Acucote offers a broad portfolio of sustainable facestocks, liners and adhesives. To view the complete Acucote sustainable portfolio and download the “Acucote Insights: Sustainability” visit

Acucote Introduces Broad Stocked Portfolio of Cannabis Label Materials

Converters can now take advantage of one of the fastest growing market segments

Acucote, has expanded its portfolio of stocked label material for the cannabis industry.

The global legal marijuana market size is expected to reach USD 73.6 billion by 2027, and expand at a CAGR of 18.1% according to a new report published by Grand View Research, Inc.

Labels are used in a variety of cannabis applications including CBD Oil, Concentrates, Flowers, Edibles, Extracts, Salves/tinctures, Terpenes and Topicals.

According to Melissa Harton, Marketing Manager, “Increasing legalization of cannabis for medical as well as adult-use is fueling an outstanding growth curve in this market. We created a portfolio of stocked cannabis facestocks, adhesives and liners so that our customers can quickly and easily meet the needs of dispensaries and attract consumer attention.”

The portfolio features a new environmentally friendly facestock, 60# Hemp paper. It is made from 25% hemp and 75% post-consumer wood.

Additional stocked substrates for retail and decorative labels include prime films (2 mil Clear, 2 mil Metallized and 2.6 mil Gloss White Elite BOPPs), variable print films (46# C1S SynthermⓇ), and prime papers (35# C1S Litho, 54# Semi Gloss, and 50# Brown Kraft). Foils and metallized papers are also popular with cannabis producers and Acucote offers bright and dull silver and gold foils and silver metallized paper.

As product security is a major concern in this market, the portfolio also features tamper-evident materials (2.5 mil Silver Scratch Off Polystyrene, 55# Tamper Evident Litho, 2 mil Silver Void PET, 2 mil White Void PET, Syntherm® TE, and 2 mil Clear Acetate UD).

Lastly, the portfolio includes material for plant life cycle labels (Kimdura® Inkjet Ultra and 2.6 mil Matte White Premium TT BOPP) and digitally topcoated materials (for dye, pigment, laser, UV Inkjet and HP presses).

Seven different adhesives are included in the Acucote Cannabis Portfolio including P2000 (durable rubber resin for plant life cycle), P50 (durable acrylic for plant life cycle), CP1 (environmental rubber resin with biodegradable components), SX780 (tackified acrylic for tamper-evident applications), GPX (general purpose permanent acrylic), GPX Blockout (black opaque permanent acrylic) and 31PB (tackified acrylic for tight mandrel applications).

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Acucote Offers Broad Portfolio of Election Promotional Label Materials

Converters can now take advantage of election season business growth

Acucote, a solutions-oriented pressure-sensitive adhesive coating manufacturer, has expanded its portfolio of stocked material to meet the urgent needs of political campaigns with pressure-sensitive and non-pressure-sensitive promotional products.

Converters can select from a variety of materials that can be used to produce bumper stickers, window decals, stickers, name badges, rally fans, door hangers, wall graphics and mail promos. Acucote offers promotional labelstock for flexo presses as well as topcoated digital materials for dye, pigment, laser, UV Inkjet and HP presses.

According to Melissa Harton, Marketing Manager, “Election season is a busy time for Acucote customers. We created this stocked election portfolio to help them quickly identify and purchase the facestock, adhesives and liners they need to take advantage of this timely surge in business.”

Stocked substrates that support election promotional materials include white, clear and colored vinyl; white, clear and metallized polypropylene; rigid white and clear polyester; 6, 8, 10, 12 & 14pt boardstocks; and a large selection of papers, films, foils and piggybacks. Acucote also offers a full line of outdoor permanent, removable and textile adhesives and a large offering of layflat liners in the Election Promotional Product Portfolio.

If a promotional election product is not stocked, Acucote’s Application Development Team will work with converters to quickly develop a custom solution.

To view the complete Acucote election promotional label materials portfolio visit

MOCKUP on boxes

Acucote Expands Portfolio of Security Facestocks

Now offering 2 mil Clear Acetate Ultra Destructible

Acucote, a solutions-oriented pressure-sensitive adhesive coating manufacturer, has expanded its portfolio of security facestocks with the introduction of a 2 mil Clear Acetate Ultra Destructible (UD) Facestock. This cellulose diacetate film exhibits a high level of destructability by sheering itself upon tampering.

The new 2 mil Clear Acetate UD can be used to achieve a “no label look” for tamper-evident seals and labels. A gloss topcoat provides enhanced flexo printability and its relatively high stiffness is ideal for machine-applied labels. Acetate UD from Acucote also has good processing characteristics and exceptional die cutting and waste removal when compared to other tamper-evident films. There are possible environmental advantages when combined with certain adhesives and liners.

According to Earl Curran, vice president business development, “We’re very pleased to add this new facestock to our line of specialty security products. We are constantly evaluating new facestocks. In this case, so our converters don’t have to settle for standard tamper-evident materials when looking for security solutions for their customers.”

Acucote 2 mil Clear Acetate UD facestock is available with SA780, tackified acrylic and other adhesive combinations.

To view the complete Acucote security portfolio visit:

Acucote expands removable PSA portfolio

The new removable adhesives have a range of tack performance which meet varying application requirements.

Acucote, a pressure sensitive adhesive coating manufacture and supplier, has expanded its portfolio with the addition of nine new removable adhesives. This brings the company’s total portfolio to 18 removable adhesives.

The new removable adhesives have a range of tack performance which meet varying application requirements and energy surfaces. Included in the portfolio are adhesives which meet FDA 175.105 regulations and that are California Proposition 65 compliant. There are also options for rigid facestocks and hard-to-label textile fabric materials. All of the adhesives are latex-free and two of the new products are also acid-free.

In addition to converted blank labels for office applications, printed removable labels are used in a wide variety of applications including wall graphics, oil change stickers, food labels with a blank date on the package, cup labels, decorative boxes and rubber containers with labels that wrap around the lip.

According to Earl Curran, vice president business development, “We’re very pleased to add these nine new adhesives to our existing portfolio. These new products will help North American converters increase sales and enter into new markets as they support their end customers with increased brand recognition, promotions or event and product labeling.”

To view the complete Acucote removable label portfolio, click here.


Acucote and Discount Labels use their super powers for a complex and successful project.

“This was a true, amazing example of teamwork between the customer, the end user, Acucote and Discount Labels to really pull this off.”
Debbi Ulmer
Marketing Director, Discount Labels


One day in 1965, Fred Conway, a volunteer fireman in southern Indiana, showed up to a fire and saw that a truck from the wrong company had been summoned. This was in the days before 911 centralized phone dispatch, and each emergency service had its own phone number. It was easy for consumers to make mistakes when numbers had to be memorized or kept handy. Fred saw the need for a label that could be placed on a telephone with room for all the emergency service numbers and with this vision in mind, he created Discount Labels in his basement. As the business grew and labeling opportunities expanded, his son-in-law went on the road in a Winnebago to set up a distributor base across the United States. From these humble beginnings, Discount Labels has grown into one of the country’s largest short-run label printing companies. Purchased by

Cenveo World Limited in 2006, the company manufactures labels in New Albany, IN, employing 500 individuals in a 200,000 square foot facility and utilizing 70 conventional and digital presses and seven ABG Digicon finishers. Discount Labels sells through qualified label resellers (e.g. converters, contract packagers, promotional products companies). Key verticals include the food, beverage, healthcare, automotive, cannabis, beer, wine and spirits sectors.

The Challenge

In April 2018, Discount Labels’ customer Zagwear approached them with a challenging application. They needed to produce several million augmented reality “decals” for one of the world’s largest cereal producers for a promotional tie-in to the “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” movie. Each decal was individually wrapped and had to withstand insertion into boxes of cereal. Six different designs were created so that consumers could collect a set from various cereals. The lead time was tight, and because the finished label was inserted into cereal boxes the application had to undergo multiple inspections and pass strict FDA requirements. Batch traceability was critical in the event of a recall any time down the line.


The Solution

Discount Labels turned to their substrate partner Acucote for help. They needed a construction with a clear flexible facestock and ultra-removable adhesive that could be applied to a variety of surfaces, remove cleanly and then be reapplied to other surfaces. The application also demanded a stiff, printable liner to help with layflat, weight and printability so that the decals wouldn’t be folded or bent in handling. Acucote went to work immediately, modifying the construction’s caliper numerous times by using face sheet and liner changes until they found the perfect weight for their customer’s gravity-feed distribution equipment. This maximized Zagwear’s distribution line speed and prevented

After close collaboration with Discount Label, testing in-house and with external labs, Acucote delivered a final construction of 5.5 mil matte clear non topcoated (NTC) vinyl with H802 adhesive and an 8-point liner. The label construction conformed with 21 CFR 175.105 (FDA indirect food contact), was Prop 65-compliant and toxicologist-certified to demonstrate that the adhesive was safe for use.


The cereal company launched a very successful campaign, with the Spider-Man decals inserted into approximately 8 million specially-marked boxes of various cereals. They were sold coast-to-coast at 10,000 retailers and the promotion was supported by national television advertisements.

According to Debbi Ulmer, Marketing Director, Discount Labels, “This was a case of all hands on deck. Everyone got involved. It was a true, amazing example of teamwork between our customer, Zagwear; the end user, Acucote; and Discount Labels to really pull this off. It was a huge endeavor and something that we’re very proud of.”

Acucote adds, “Our Application Development Team (ADT) understood the performance characteristics needed by Discount Labels. Our technical team worked with our in-house lab and the customer’s lab to do the testing, provide pre-production samples and quickly deliver a high quality pressure-sensitive construction. The Acucote ADT is composed of seasoned industry technical and applications specialists who support our customers by providing application solutions for the most demanding labeling challenges. Challenges like the one brought to us by Discount Labels.”
Melissa Walsh-Harton
Marketing Communications Manager

Acucote Receives Two Prestigious Safety Awards

Honors reflect a sustainable safety culture at its NC plant

Graham, NC, July 15, 2019 – Acucote, a solutions-oriented pressure-sensitive adhesive coating manufacturer with a 100,000 sq foot plant and 125 employees in Graham, NC, has recently been awarded two top honors for its safety program.

The North Carolina Department of Labor (NCDOL) presented the company with a Gold Award at its annual awards ceremony on June 4. To qualify for any of NCDOL’s annual safety awards, a firm must have zero fatalities during the calendar year and have maintained a safety incidence rate of at least 50 percent below the average for its industry group. The Gold Award is based on days away from work, restricted activity or job transfers as a result of injuries. This is the first time that Acucote has received this highest accolade from NCDOL and recognizes their industry-leading incidence rate of .71.

A WorkSafe Award was also presented to the company on April 29 by Acucote’s Workers Compensation Insurance Carrier – HUB International SE and Accident Fund Insurance Company. This award acknowledges “Continuous Safety Improvement from 2015 – 2019.”

According to John Leath, CEO, “We’re very proud of the awards as they acknowledge the hard work our team has committed to building a sustainable safety program at our facility. But far more important than the awards is the fact that our employees are going home safe and sound each day to their family and friends. We all lose when someone is hurt on the job.”

Amy Trent, Safety Manager, who has been with Acucote for the past two years, conducts weekly safety briefings for all plant employees and has successfully developed processes which encourage proactive reporting of safety concerns. Leath concludes that, “The credit for these awards goes to our Safety Team and the entire Acucote work force due to their efforts to help take care of one another. We have built a culture of trust, awareness and buy-in which enables us to better serve our employees, our customers and the industry.”

 Acucote leaders celebrate Workman’s Compensation award. Pictured L to R: Gene Lauffer, COO; Paul Sanborn, Senior VP of Operations; John Leath, Jr., CEO; Amy Trent, Safety Manager and Barry Brown, HR Director.

Acucote leaders celebrate Workman’s Compensation award. Pictured L to R: Gene Lauffer, COO; Paul Sanborn, Senior VP of Operations; John Leath, Jr., CEO; Amy Trent, Safety Manager and Barry Brown, HR Director.

(L to R) Cherie Berry, NCDOL Labor Commissioner presents Acucote Gold Award 2018 to Amy Trent, Acucote Safety Manager.

(L to R) Cherie Berry, NCDOL Labor Commissioner presents Acucote Gold Award 2018 to Amy Trent, Acucote Safety Manager.