Acucote Inc. introduces wine/beer label product line

More than 25 facestocks paired with water-resistant adhesive

Acucote Inc. offers a complete line of specialty, pressure-sensitive materials designed for the unique labeling requirements of the wine industry.

Offering more than 25 material constructions, customers can select from a variety of facestocks to fulfill application requirements. This line includes textured, embossed, pearlescent, gloss and natural finish stocks; several are treated for wet strength performance.

Acucote wine/beer label products feature Manter’s SH 6020 Plus™ permanent acrylic adhesive. Designed for maximum water resistance, SH 6020 Plus™ avoids the formation of winkles caused by humidity and condensation. When refrigerated or immersed in ice, SH 6020 Plus™ resists degradation for up to 4 hours. Upon initial application, constructions are repositionable for 30 minutes.

Beyond wine labels, this line should be considered for microbrew beers, gourmet food packaging and upscale health and beauty products. All items are available no trim with a minimum order quantity of 3” x 5,000’. Master width is 39.37”. A variety of program specific liners are available.

This product line is manufactured by Manter and is distributed by Acucote Inc.

Acucote Inc. reveals cost-effective, clean-release coupon product

Alternative construction for high-end affixed cards now available with significant cost savings

LiftCote® Plus 1 is Acucote’s newest addition of clean-release coupon products. This construction provides a thicker gauge and more durability than standard LiftCote® offerings.

LiftCote® Plus 1 is designed for high-end, affixed card production where longevity is essential. For affixed cards that typically require a 7.5 mil White Laser PET combination, customers can now purchase LiftCote® Plus 1 with a 5 mil White Laser PET. This combination provides a significantly lower cost per msi without sacrificing durability or product stiffness.

LiftCote® Plus 1 constructions are available with all standard LiftCote® patterns and Diamond-Cote Tight® products. This clean-release, laser printable product is a candidate for direct mail; healthcare, frequent buyer, temporary identification and membership cards; coupons; integrated cards and punch cards. All LiftCote® and Diamond-Cote® Tight coupon products are ballpoint pen writable.

Acucote’s extended coupon line includes standard LiftCote®, LiftCote® Plus 1 and Diamond-Cote® Tight, providing a variety of options for both credit card and noncredit card sized applications. Diamond-Cote® EZ products are available for Instant Redeemable Coupons [IRC].

Acucote Inc. 2012 Sales Professional of the Year

Corporate Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Tim Doyle was recently awarded the Acucote Sales Professional of the Year for 2012. Tim was chosen for his drive for excellence in both customer support and sales performance.

Tim joined Acucote in 2009 with more than 10 years of experience in the adhesive and coating industry. As the regional sales manager of Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia and Kentucky, Tim’s expertise and dedication has significantly increased our presence in this territory.

Please join us in congratulating Tim as the recipient of Acucote’s 2012 Sales Professional of the Year.

Acucote Inc. announces new COO and National sales manager

Effective immediately, Gene Lauffer fulfills role of COO

Gene Lauffer has been promoted to chief operating officer at Acucote Inc.Gene joined Acucote in 2008 as the national sales manager. In 2011, he accepted the position of vice president of sales and later served as the senior vice president of commerce.He has worked in the pressure-sensitive label stock industry for 30 years, and as COO he will continue to provide leadership and energy to Acucote.

Mike Hudson has been hired as the national sales manager; effective immediately. He joins Acucote with more than 15 years of sales and sales management experience in the paper, adhesive, converting and labeling industries.

Acucote would also like to extend a happy retirement to former COO, Rick Cromer.  Rick was influential in establishing a nationwide sales force and was essential in Acucote’s evolution from a manufacturer of commodity products to an established, custom label stock supplier.

Acucote Inc. offers half-master piggyback program

Customers can purchase 34 different piggyback products in half-master widths

Acucote is now offering a half-master piggyback program. Customers can choose from 17 different face stocks to construct up to 34 half-master combinations. This line features Acucote’s all-temperature, permanent adhesive AT-4505. Available bottom-ply combinations include 40# / AT-4505 / 40# and 40# / AT-4505 / 50#. Face stocks include prime papers, fluorescents, prime films and variable print.

This program is ideal for short-run orders and custom applications. Minimum order quantity is 29.25” x 2,500’. Purchase single or multiple rolls.

Ships within five business days.