Acucote Expands Portfolio of Security Facestocks

Now offering 2 mil Clear Acetate Ultra Destructible

Acucote, a solutions-oriented pressure-sensitive adhesive coating manufacturer, has expanded its portfolio of security facestocks with the introduction of a 2 mil Clear Acetate Ultra Destructible (UD) Facestock. This cellulose diacetate film exhibits a high level of destructability by sheering itself upon tampering.

The new 2 mil Clear Acetate UD can be used to achieve a “no label look” for tamper-evident seals and labels. A gloss topcoat provides enhanced flexo printability and its relatively high stiffness is ideal for machine-applied labels. Acetate UD from Acucote also has good processing characteristics and exceptional die cutting and waste removal when compared to other tamper-evident films. There are possible environmental advantages when combined with certain adhesives and liners.

According to Earl Curran, vice president business development, “We’re very pleased to add this new facestock to our line of specialty security products. We are constantly evaluating new facestocks. In this case, so our converters don’t have to settle for standard tamper-evident materials when looking for security solutions for their customers.”

Acucote 2 mil Clear Acetate UD facestock is available with SA780, tackified acrylic and other adhesive combinations.

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