Blockout and Color-Matched Adhesives Exceptional Quality and Custom-Color Blending Options

Our black blockout adhesive provides the most uniform appearance of any blockout currently on the market. Our blockout adhesive is clearly a visually-superior product, offering the highest degree of opacity.

We also offer our GPX black blockout adhesive in our AcuChoice program. It is available with different material combinations, by request.

Custom Adhesive Color Options We Match Your Customers’ Color Requirements

Acucote offers custom blockout and adhesive coloring capabilities that are unique in our industry. We have formulated an incredibly useful white opaque that leaves the appearance of the facestock completely unchanged while blocking any transparency.

Our water-based adhesive systems can also be custom blended to your specific color requirements. Many standard options are available at a reasonable cost and with low order quantities. Examples include: gray (for a milder opacity), yellow, red, orange and many others.

In need of a custom adhesive solution? Our Application Development Team specializes in creating custom color-matched and blockout adhesive products. Contact us at 800.228.2683 to learn more.

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