About Acucote Inc. Making Your Ideas Stick

Headquartered in Graham, NC, Acucote Inc. is a trusted supplier of custom, specialty, high-value and unique pressure-sensitive solutions. Our national network of strategically-placed slitting and distribution warehouses enable us to provide valuable, customized inventory programs for customers throughout the country. At Acucote, we have made innovation, customization and customer-involved product development our core business.

Our History Customer-Oriented Product Development Since 1987

Acucote was established in 1987 in Graham, NC by a group of founders with over 100 years of combined experience in the pressure-sensitive industry. Since then, we have steadily grown and expanded our services and capabilities to become an industry leader in standard, custom and speciality pressure-sensitive products.

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Quality Assurance Processes Dependable Quality, Repeatable Performance, Continual Improvement

At Acucote, ensuring the utmost in quality, capabilities, and consistency are fundamentals of our overall approach to doing business. Our Technical Support Team is fully committed to developing solutions to consistently meet our customers’ needs through a variety of tools, techniques and application testing.

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Acucote’s Environmental Practices Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

We take pride in being as environmentally responsible as possible in every area of our operations. We constantly explore new ways to reduce and control our environmental footprint. Through careful selection of adhesives, extensive recycling efforts and other environmental programs, we have dramatically reduced our impact on solid waste, water and energy resources. Review our Environmental Statement to learn more about our standards, programs and practices.

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