Acucote Inc.’s Environmental Statement Environmental Responsibility and Sustainable Practices

Since our founding in 1987, we at Acucote have prided ourselves on being environmentally responsible in every facet of operations. Our dedication to sustainability leads us to search continually for new and effective ways to reduce our impact on natural resources and our environment.

We use only water-based emulsion adhesives and 100% solids silicone formulations. Acucote also has several post-consumer waste recycled products available for sale, and we continually explore ways we can reduce our environmental footprint internally. We constantly increase our reuse and recycling of waste, including the reuse and sale of wash water and waste adhesive, recycling of all office papers and employee recycling of cans and bottles.

We have established relationships with organizations that recycle or use off-cut, second-quality and rejected materials, drastically reducing our solid-waste impact. Acucote has also established an extensive program that eliminates all undersized rolls of face materials, liners and base stocks from our landfill waste stream.

Environmental Statement was last modified: August 18th, 2015 by Melissa Walsh