Acucote’s Quality Assurance Program Consistency, Dependability and Continued Improvement

At Acucote, delivering the utmost in quality is our highest priority, and we have developed a number of programs designed to ensure we are constantly improving our products, capabilities and customer service. Our Technical Support team is committed to providing dependable quality, repeatable performance and continual improvement.

Quality Tools and Techniques

To increase our productivity, help us troubleshoot issues and enhance our performance, we rely on a variety of tools and techniques, including Statistical Process Control, Six Sigma methodologies, DOEs and Lean Manufacturing principles. These techniques are used across the board for development, sourcing, production process control and improvement opportunities.

In-House Lab Testing

Acucote has a fully-staffed lab with the equipment necessary for the following in-house testing: shear, 180° peel, 180° release testing, loop tack, probe tack and aging studies. Through strategic partnerships, we have access to additional testing such as GC or FTIR as well as environmental-impact studies. We also provide application testing and validation studies for our customers based on their specific needs.

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