Protecting our Planet:  Acucote’s Commitment to Sustainability

Hand holding light bulb against nature on green leaf with icons energy sources for renewable, sustainable development. Ecology concept. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.Sustainability Statement
Acucote understands our corporate environmental responsibility. From the way we work to the products we offer, we’re committed to being stewards of the environment. We are actively launching and seeking raw material alternatives to build more sustainable product lines. We have joined environmental and regulatory committees to ensure we are up-to-date with our customers’ needs. Internally, we have teams dedicated to ongoing projects designed to reduce Acucote’s environmental footprint.

Our Plant and our People:  Incorporating Sustainability Throughout our Organization

  • Our Sustainability Statement is effectively communicated to all employees and visitors (including suppliers and customers). (See above)
  • We have a formal Sustainability Committee that meets bi-weekly to discuss trends and explore new initiatives.
  • We recycle bottles, cans and paper within the facility.
  • We divert approximately 1,000,000 pounds of scrap material to non-landfill channels.
  • We replaced all lighting fixtures with LED lighting leading to a 67 percent reduction in energy consumption in the 80,000 square foot facility in North Carolina and 12,000 square foot facility in Texas.
  • We periodically perform air quality testing within the facility to ensure that any potentially hazardous contaminants are below allowable thresholds.
  • We participate in the TLMI Environmental and Governmental and Regulatory Committees in order to develop options that help our industry and our customers find solutions to sustainability challenges.
  • We routinely educate our workforce and our customer base on the many facets of sustainability.
  • We’ve created a proactive safety culture that is integrated into each aspect of our operational success with weekly safety educational programs and regular safety audits.

Our Products:  Incorporating Sustainability into our Product Portfolio

ACUCOTE_SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING MOCK PRODUCTS_ALT LAYOUTWe work with suppliers from across the globe to source raw material alternatives that are sustainable. Currently, we offer the following products that contribute to our goals of reducing, recycling, reusing and renewing:

  • Only use water-based emulsion adhesives and 100% solids silicone formulations.
  • Lower gauge paper and film raw material options for sending less waste into the landfill.
  • FSCⓇ Certified paper facestock and liner options.
  • Compostable paper and film facestocks and adhesives (adhesives are compostable when combined with certain facestocks, inks and packaging).
  • Biodegradable adhesives and facestocks.
  • Products with recycled content.
  • Wash-off adhesive.
  • Repulpable adhesives for paper facestocks.
  • Environmentally benign adhesive for paper facestocks.

While not yet in the market, we are currently putting research and development into these products and
hope to launch them by the end of Q1 2021:

  • Water-dissolvable adhesive and facestocks.
  • Additional FSCⓇ Certified paper facestock and liner options.
Our Goals - Business Concept

Our Goals: Measurements and Time Frames to Support our Acucote Sustainability Commitment

Each year, we will select a Continuous Improvement Project (CIP) dedicated to furthering our progress in the sustainable movement. Our team is reviewing possible 2021 projects.

Be sure to check back here – details will be updated Q1 2021.

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