Application Development from Acucote Your Source for Custom-Tailored Product Solutions

Our Application Development Team (ADT) is composed of seasoned industry technical and applications specialists who support our customers by providing application solutions for the most demanding labeling challenges.

What Will Our Application Development Team Do for You?

Evaluation of Specific Application Challenges
To ensure our Application Development Team has the most accurate information possible regarding your end-use product application, your Acucote Sales Representative will complete a New Opportunity Checklist (NOC) form. Our team meets daily to evaluate NOC forms and to determine the appropriate combinations of materials to satisfy the precise application challenges.

Innovative, Out-of-the-Box Thinking
Each inquiry is treated as an opportunity to provide a custom solution. After reviewing and considering all application details, the Application Development Team collaborates to suggest the most high-performing, cost-effective products to satisfy your specific adhesion requirements.

Shorter Product-Development Lead Times
The ADT meets daily to review new opportunities submitted by sales representatives and customers. Processes such as material testing are also directed by the ADT. Our Quality Assurance (QA) laboratory will conduct material tests, either to replicate a customer’s current product or to ensure end use performance. Our QA laboratory also evaluates materials to test performance properties such as tack, shear, peel, release level, gauge and application testing.

Strong Vendor Relationships
The Application Development team has a direct connection to many raw material suppliers. Members of the team communicate with vendors frequently to stay updated with new material offerings and alternative solutions for unique customer needs. This up-to-date knowledge of raw materials helps enable the team to provide the most effective product solutions to our customers’ application challenges.

Meet the Team Leaders

Earl Curran, VP Application Development – ext. 216

Wayne Eakes, Application Development Manager – ext. 296

Terri Brown, Technical Manager – ext. 208

Mike Hollinshead, Sales Engineer – ext. 248

Mike Hudson, National Sales Manager – 704.591.9084

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