Acucote Mission Statement

To develop innovative, high value packaging solutions that exceed customer expectations and support their growth and profitability initiatives.

Our Core Values

We have created a proactive safety culture that is integrated into each aspect of our operational success. By instituting a weekly safety education program, providing ongoing first responder training for each shift, and conducting regular safety audits, our employees, suppliers and visitors exit our plant in the same condition they entered.

We strive to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations while improving efficiencies throughout the fulfillment process. We provide one-on-one personal service through designated customer service and sales representatives. We conduct internal audits to determine product, process, quality and delivery improvements. Here, employees hold themselves personally accountable for ensuring orders consistently exceed customer expectations.

We do not settle for what could work, we strive for what works best. From product development to process improvements, we utilize continuing education and industry resources to challenge our team’s thinking in order to provide high-value packaging solutions.

Acucote employees are key stakeholders in the company and are vital to the culmination of our vision.  We work together to create processes and manufacture products with integrity in an ethical, honest and transparent way. We foster a culture of sharing experiences, open communication and cross-departmental support.  Cultivating a strong community within our organization will contribute to the enrichment of the community surrounding us.

We understand our corporate environmental responsibility. From the way we work to the products we offer, we commit ourselves to being a steward of the environment.  We actively launch and seek raw material alternatives to build more sustainable product lines. We participate in environmental and regulatory committees to ensure we are up-to-date with our customers’ needs. Dedicated teams work on ongoing internal projects designed to reduce Acucote’s environmental footprint.

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