Green Products Biodegradable, Compostable, Recyclable, and More

We serve our customers by helping them navigate through the ever-growing and often confusing “Green Products” market by offering a concise, strong line of eco-friendly pressure-sensitive laminates. These products feature many environmentally-sound characteristics including being biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, and more. Products can be used in a variety of custom, solution-driven combinations.

Our selection of facestocks range from clear and white biodegradable polyester (PLA) films to coated and uncoated papers and boardstocks. Our benign, water-soluble adhesives feature many characteristics that will allow you to differentiate your product offerings.

Product Description Product Code CA NC OH PA TX Minimum Order Size Standard Lead Time
2 mil Clear EarthFirst® / 21P / 40# EC40ET501 54″ MW Master width x 5,000′ 4 days
60# 100% PCW Uncoated / EF701 / 40# EP40GH601 60″ MW Master width x 5,000′ 4 days
8PT C1S 10PCW / EF701 / 40# EP44WR601 60″ MW Master width x 5,000′ 4 days

Water-Soluble and Benign Adhesives

Adhesive Product Description Permanent Removable Acrylic Rubber Acid Free Latex Free CONEG Compliant Minimum Application Temperature Service Temperature Range
WL5000 Lasting per-formance in ice bath; Removable with warm water X X X X +20°F -20°F to140°F
BA702 Benign, meets SPS regulations and 21 CFR 175.105 X X X X X +35°F -20°F to +220°F
EF701 Benign/Recycling Compatible adhesive TLMI LRP2 TLMI EBA Spec 1 X X X X X +30°F -20°F to +220°F

Our environmental products are manufactured using EarthFirst® white and clear PLA films and must follow the applicable branding guidelines as published by Plastic Suppliers, Incorporated. EarthFirst® is certified compostable ASTM-D6400. EarthFirst® PLA film utilizes Inego™.

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