Product Facestock Adhesive Liner
Biodegradable EarthFirst® PLA, Acetate, Acetate UD, paper facestocks CP1
Compostable EarthFirst® PLA, Acetate, Acetate UD CP1 ◆
Environmentally Benign Paper facestocks EF701
Recyclable Primarily paper & plastic facestocks GPX, Arctic, GR7,
SX78, EF701
Repulpable 60# Semi Gloss GPX, Arctic, GR7,
SX78, EF701, GPX BO, SX78 BO
Recycled Content 60# Hemp paper, 8pt Recycled C1S,
3 mil Matte White Recycled DT Bopp
.92, 1.2,
1.5 mil PET
Water Dissolvable 40# Water Soluble Litho, 47# Water Dissolvable Direct Thermal DS1
FSC Certified
*Must specify FSC Certified when ordering materials*
35# C1S Litho ■
60# Semi Gloss (C2S) ■
54# Wet Strength High Gloss
60# Matte Litho
TE Litho ■
Fluorescents (Red, Orange, Chartreuse, Green, Pink)■
50# EDP ■
Economy Laser ■
Universal Thermal Transfer
VIP Premium Laser
FSC Bright Silver Foil ■
FSC Bright Gold Foil ■
Dull Silver Foil ■
Dull Gold Foil ■
Translucent MC Ultra ■
Translucent MC
6pt C2S
8pt C1S High Bright ■
8pt C2S
8pt Recycled C1S ■
8pt uncoated ■
10pt C1S ■
12pt C1S
12 Uncoated
12pt C2S
Dye and Pigment
60# FSC Waterjet® High Gloss ■
60# Extra Bright Waterjet® Semi Gloss ■
60# FSC Waterjet® Premium Matte ■
3.2 Layflat
USDA Certified
Biobased Product
2 mil Clear Earthfirst®
35# C1S Litho
50# Uncoated Litho
50# Brown Kraft
50# EDP
54# Wet Strength High Gloss
57# High Gloss
60# Semi Gloss
60# Matte Litho
60# Chartreuse Florescent
60# Green Florescent
60# Orange Florescent
60# Pink Florescent
60# Red Florescent
8pt C1S Recycled
8pt Uncoated
10pt C1S
12pt C1S
12pt Uncoated
UV Inkjet, HP Indigo & Laser
57# UV TC High Gloss
60# UV TC Semi Gloss
57# HP TC High Gloss
60# HP TC Semi Gloss
57# Laser TC High Gloss
60# Laser TC Semi Gloss
8pt C1S UV GL Board
CP1 40#

◆ Certified compostable in some end use applications – ask your sales representative for details.
■ FSC products are in inventory. Contact your sales representative for the lead time of remaining FSC products.

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