To place an order email  utilize LabelTraxx,  call customer service at 800.228.2683 or send a fax to 800.807.0795.

To ensure the accuracy and traceability of your order please include your purchase order number, description of the ordered product(s), slit widths, length of material and the requested ship date.

Finishing Guidelines


Standard 3”
Layflat 6”
Film on Film 3”

Max Splices

Up to and equal to 5,000’ 1 splice
5,000-10,000 2 splices
>10,000 3 splices
Number of splices in custom coat products may vary depending on the complexity of the construction
Up to 5,000’ 2 splice
5,000-10,000 3 splices
>10,000 4 splices

Splice Tapes

Top Red 1.5” wide
Middle Clear 0.5” wide
Bottom Red 1.5” wide
Minimum distance between splices: 750’
Minimum distance from core: 750’

Slit Roll Tolerance

Full Gum +/- 1/32”
Pattern Gum +/- 1/16”

Order Length

Custom Finish 10% +/-
Custom Coat Single-ply/Two pass +20%-10%
Non standard raw materials 20% +/-
Patterns 20% +/-

Roll Length +/-

AcuChoice 10% +/-
Custom Coat +20%

Face In/Out

Non trimless Standard is Face Out.
Face In is available.
Trimless Face Out only.

Packaging/Shipping Guidelines

Standard Methods

Poker and Cradle.

Roll Tag Labels

Located on each roll under stretch wrap.

Separate Sizes by Width

Orders containing different slit widths will be consolidated onto one pallet when there is not enough material to fill a second pallet. Rolls will be stacked with the largest roll width on the bottom and the smallest roll width on the top. SmartSlit® orders containing less than 3 rolls by  6”, 9” or 10” x 2,500’ will be shipped by box.

Pallet Sizes

  • 31×31
  • 35×35
  • 40×40
  • 45×45
  • 46×31
  • 48×40
  • 48×48
  • 54×28
  • 60×29
  • 62×31

(other size pallets available dependant on roll length and widths.)

Pallet Types

All products are shipped on wooden pallets and are certified ISPM-15. Heat treated pallets are also available. Stocked heat treated pallets include 35×35, 45×45 and 48×40. Heat treatments of all Acucote pallet sizes are available provided a three week notice. Plastic pallets are available for a nominal fee.

Max Stack Height

45” with skid height


All orders shipped pre-paid via Acucote assigned carriers.
Acucote charges a predetermined freight rate. Order will ship collect for non-Acucote assigned carriers.


Dry, constant conditions. Ideal temperature is 72F. Ideal relative humidity is 50%.

Layflat storage/usage recommendations: Temp range between 60F-80F relative humidity 40%-60%. Material should acclimate for three days before converting. Keep off concrete floors and rotate stock (FIFO). Utilize within 6 months.

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