Multi-Ply Products from Acucote Serving Your Needs for Layered Applications

Acucote’s extensive capabilities in producing pressure-sensitive materials includes several types of multi-ply constructions, such as piggybacks and multi-faced laminates. These products are formulated specifically for our customer’s unique requirements and are solutions for many labeling projects, including shipping and return-shipping labels.

Acucote’s Customer-Centric System Customized Multi-Ply Pressure-Sensitive Materials

Every facet of our approach to business at Acucote is designed specifically with customers in mind. We understand that each of our customers’ challenges are unique, so we strive to offer the utmost in capabilities for multi-ply pressure-sensitive solutions. Our extensive range of material and adhesive options, combined with fast project turnaround times and cost-effective pricing, ensure we meet our multi-ply customers’ requirements on an individual basis.

Rely on Our Application Development Team Your Source for Creative Multi-Ply Pressure-Sensitive Solutions

Our Application Development Team is composed of industry specialists who strive to generate our customers’ ideal multi-ply pressure-sensitive product solutions quickly using innovative, out-of-the-box thinking. When needed, our Quality Assurance (QA) laboratory is capable of conducting various tests to replicate an existing product or develop a new solution to ensure end-use performance. Ultimately, through our Application Development Team, our customers receive the quality product they need quickly, even if some of their specifications are initially unknown.

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