Sheeted and Roll-to-Sheet ProductsAccuracy, Versatility and Custom-Tailored Capabilities

We offer an array of pressure-sensitive and nonpressure-sensitive constructions for truly customized sheet-fed printing. Our state-of-the-art re-moisturization process ensures that both our sheeted products and our roll-to-sheet products lay flat for optimal storage and performance. For dry, consistent storage conditions, materials should be kept at an ideal temperature of 72F with a humidity level of 50%.

Materials available for sheeting include a variety of pressure-sensitive papers, films, synthetics, boardstocks and additional speciality or customer-specified stocks. We also offer a variety of nonpressure-sensitive items. Our sheeted materials ship from both our Graham, NC and Cincinnati, OH locations.

Location Sheet Width Ranges Sheet Length Ranges
Graham, NC 12″ to 42″ 13″ to 48″
Cincinnati, OH 13″ to 60″ 13″ to 100″

Please note – not all materials or laminates can be sheeted. Sheet size may be restricted by material or laminate selection.

Acucote’s Customer-Centric Approach We Meet the Needs of Every Customer, Regardless of Size

No matter what the scope of our customers’ needs, we draw on our extensive industry experience and knowledge to create the most effective solutions possible in a timely manner. Our Application Development Team, comprised of industry experts, specializes in developing solutions to serve our customers’ needs accurately, and our in-house lab testing capabilities ensure accuracy and quality.

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